The NAC Nominate Lizzie Cantopher for the Sports Women of the Year Award.


The NAC recently nominated Lizzie for the Northampton Leisure Trust Sports Award. Lizzie was accepted and was successfully put into the final round which she (and others) attended at the Northampton Guildhall in which she achieved a very respectful second place losing out by one point to a local triathlon athlete. The NAC committee chose Lizzie for the award because of her dedication to archery and her achievement since taking up archery. This website already has previous posts regarding her successes this year. In December of 2013 she represented England. Reached the final eight of the National Series Final Outdoor season where she won the bronze medal in the final shoot-off. Also she is ranked 18th in the 2013 Outdoor Season and presently we are awaiting her Ranking for the 2014 season which at the time of writing has not been published. We at NAC are proud of her achievements and we feel it is only time before she goes on to even greater things. .