Club Records

Welcome to our page giving links to our club records pages. A club record may be claimed if you either set a new record or if you better a record that already exists.

General framework for attempting a record claim is

  • Either shot during a club, county, regional, national or international competition shot under World Archery or ArcheryGB rules.
  • It is the responsibility of the archer concerned to make a claim on the correct score card
    The claim should be brought to the attention of the Records Officer, who will be responsible for verifying the scores and claims.
  • If shot during a club night, you must tell the line captain know that you are going to be scoring a scored round before you commence
    • You much use a club scoresheet, which must be completed by another archer who is shooting with you on your target, they must sign & print their name on completion

Existing Club Records

Junior Records

Senior Records

Claiming a Club Record

Email or submit online your record or award claim here

PDF Record Claim Form on Paper
Claim form for club record scores. Record Claim form in word format

Rules for claiming a club record

NCAS Records
County record scores and rules for claiming