NAC Club History

Northampton Archery Club was formed by Sid Cato and Peter Isaac in 1948.

The club’s first arrow was shot at was Franklins Gardens. Later that same year the club started to use Delapre Abbey for regular target practice.

Very little is recorded of the early days of the club other than the few pictures…

One of the Clubs members in the 1960’s & 70’s was John Flinton who designed the Flinton Bracer used by may archers at the time.

NAC is trying to co-ordinate the rebuilding of the club’s history. If you have some memories of  who shot where in previous years and would like to share them with us to help build this section of the site into a comprehensive history of the club please email a committee member.

Any pictures you’d like to share? Competitions you’ve shot in? Bows you used? Please share them with us

Known venues NAC has shot at include:


Franklins Gardens
Delapre Abbey – ‘The Archery Field’ on the left of the drive as you approach the abbey
Casuals Rugby Football Ground
Cogenhoe Football Club (now the site of Sunday car boot sales)
Casuals Rugby Football Ground (for a second time)
Sywell Range


Kingsthorpe Upper School
St Paul’s Church Rooms
St Michaels Church Hall
Benham Sports Arena
Carlsberg Sports and Social Club
John Ashby Sports Hall – Moulton College

There are of course many more. Keep an eye out for updates

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