Beginners’ Courses 2024

The Beginners Courses are open to all who are wanting to try a new and challenging sport. No previous experience is necessary. NAC however has a lower age limit of 8 years.

“I would definitely recommend the beginners course and club to friends and family, as the teaching was fantastic!” – testimonial. 

  • Course duration: Between 6 and 9 hours of instruction and training over three or four consecutive weeks. They are held usually on a Saturday from around 1pm outdoors in the Spring/Summer; and 10am indoors in the Autumn/Winter. There may be an evening course set up from time to time.  These times are however a guide only and individual course times/days may vary. You will be required to attend all three (or four) sessions to complete the course. 
  • Course Content:


  • Rules of shooting
  • Safety of yourself and others
  • Use of equipment
  • Shooting and waiting line 


  • The bow and how it works
  • The arrow and its parts
  • Bow stands and quivers
  • Bracer and tab
  • Sights
  • Stringing a bow
  • Putting up / taking down a target


  • How to stand and hold the bow 
  • How to knock an arrow 
  • Drawing the arrow back
  • The importance of the reference (anchor) point
  • Sighting the arrow on the target 
  • Releasing the arrow 
  • Bow safety between shots & ends 


  • Approaching the target safely
  • Collecting missed arrows
  • FITA scoring
  • GNAS scoring
  • Pulling arrows from the target 


  • Other archers’ equipment
  • Talking whilst shooting
  • Field calls & safety signals 


  • String maintenance
  • Checking arrows for damage
  • How a bow is made

Further information can be found on the ArcheryGB website .

  • Equipment: NAC will provide all necessary archery equipment for you to complete the course. Please do not buy any kit beforehand as it may not be suited to your needs. We will provide suitable advice at the appropriate time on purchasing your own kit. 
  • Costs – Adults £80, Juniors (under 18s) £50

If you sign up during or on the last session of the beginners’ course we will offer:

  • – PAYG membership: 5 free sessions
  • – Pre-pay membership: £15 off for adults and £10 off for juniors.

If they sign up after the beginners’ course they pay full price.

  • Gift Vouchers are available if you would like to give one to a relative or a friend.
  • Once you have submitted your booking enquiry (see form below) we will contact you to confirm the availability of your chosen course. A deposit of 50% of the total cost is required within 7 days of confirmation to secure your place. This is refundable up to 5 weeks prior to the start of your course. The remainder of the fee should be paid a minimum of 14 days before the commencement of the course.
  • Payment: BACS transfer, cash, or cheque (details will be in our reply to you). 
  • Children and youths under 18 years of age should ask their parent or guardian to submit the application on their behalf. Juniors under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst at the course. 
  • Clothing & Footwear: Please wear sensible closed fronted shoes and comfortable clothing that is not too loose as it may catch on the bow string.
  • Summer courses are held outdoors, and we advise you to dress accordingly to suit the weather conditions.
  • Our club does not ask any specific questions on health and fitness to shoot. We do, however, point out that it is the responsibility of anyone attending our courses or joining our club, to disclose any health conditions they may suffer from – which may affect their own and/or others’ safety/well-being whilst at Northampton Archery Club.
  • Data Protection: When you submit your details to Northampton Archery Club, we will process your information under the performance of a contract and for the purposes of processing your application to join a beginners’ course. We will keep your information for periods of time as set out in our privacy policy available on our website. Your information will be shared with relevant members of the committee and those involved in running the beginners’ course, such as our coaches and instructors.”

To enquire for the next beginners’ cohort, further information or questions regarding gift vouchers please email