Trophy Winners

Northampton Archery Club runs two series of club target days each year, one for the indoor season and one for the outdoor season. At the end of each season the results from the tournaments are collated and trophies awarded to the winners of each category. In addition the Club holds the Pete Kenny Memorial Shoot  (a Worcester round) in February each year.

At the AGM the Chairman or Chairlady for the outgoing year also presents the Chair’s Trophy to the member(s) who have made a significant contribution to the club, either through archery skills or to the general well-being of NAC.

Portsmouth Series

Portsmouth Trophy 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Compound David Quemby  David Quemby  David Quemby David Quemby
Flatbow Ian Hyde  Steve Tuson    
Longbow Dipesh Mistry  Ian Hyde Paul Hyde  Mark Dalley
Recurve Steve Gibson  Paul Bond Mick Lovell  Mick Lovell
Rec. Barebow Steve Tabberner  John O’Shea Tony Chung  Tony Chung
Rec.Traditional Vaughan Tucker  Vaughan Tucker    Mike Newsway
Compound Sarah Fowler-Jardine  Susan Corless Susan Corless  Kerys Knight
Longbow     Michelle Osborne  
Flatbow Robyn Stevens  Jenny Lovell    
Recurve Lizzie Cantopher  Lizzie Cantopher    Margaret Warner
Rec. Barebow Heather Major  Heather Major Heather Major  Heather Major
Rec. Traditional       Beryl Tabberner
Junior Gents        
J. Gent Compound Reece Fowler-Jardine  Joshua Allen Callum Howes  George Bond
Longbow     Alexander Howes  
J. Gent Flatbow Alex Howes  Jacob Lovell    
J. Gent Recurve Callum Howes  Harley Warner George Bond  
J. Gent Rec. Barebow Joshua Allen  Keowne O’Shea Arrio Potton  Charles Boddington
Junior Ladies        
J. Lady Recurve Lizzie Lovell Lizzie Lovell    Hazel Dalley
J. Lady Rec. Barebow Chloe Fowler-Jardine Hazel Dalley Hazel Dalley  Shania Rooney

Pete Kenny Memorial Shoot

Pete Kenny Trophy 2014 2015 2016 2017
Compound David Quemby  David Quemby  James Mason  David Quemby
Traditional Barebow
   Stephen Tabberner    
Longbow    Ian Hyde  Paul Hyde  Mark Dalley
Recurve  Steve Gibson  Mick Lovell  Mick Lovell  Mick Lovell
Rec. Barebow  Ian Hyde  John O’Shea  Tony Chung  Tony Chung
Rec. Traditional      Mike Newsway  Mike Newsway
Compound  Pamela Joseph  Kelly Pearce  Susan Corless  Susan Corless
Traditional Barebows
Recurve  Susan Corless  Chris Gibson  Hannah Needs  Hannah Needs
Rec. Barebow  Heather Major  Heather Major  Heather Major  Heather Major
Recurve Traditional       Beryl Tabberner
Junior Gents        
J. Gent Compound  Reece Fowler-Jardine u18- Joshua Allen    George Bond
J. Gent Rec Barebow  Joshua Allen  u18- Liam Rooney    Charles Boddington
J. Gent Recurve u 18  Jacob Lovell  George Bond  George Bond  
J. Gent Recurve u.14   Callum Howes *    
J. Gent Rec. under 12  Ewan Fowler-Jardine      
J. Gents Trad Barebow   u.18 – Alex Howes    
Junior Ladies        
Compound       Shania Rooney
J. Lady Recurve  Lizzie Lovell  u.18 – Lizzie Lovell  Ruby Paul  u14 Rebecca Stevens
J. Lady Rec. Barebow  Emma Clarke u14 – Hazel Dalley*   Skye Mould
J. Lady u12 Rec Barebow sp Grace Windram      
 Special Round    Shania Rooney*    

 * non-returnable junior shields or medals.

Outdoor Season Shoots

Outdoor Trophy 2014 2015 2016 2017
Gents  Medals only First Sidney Cato
Series Shields
 Second Sidney Cato Series  Third Sidney Cato Series
Compound  David Quemby  

David Quemby


Tony Chung


David Quemby 

Flatbow  Ian Hyde
Longbow  Paul Hyde
Recurve  Mick Lovell
Rec. Barebow  Mark Dalley
Rec.Traditional  Vaughan Tucker

Beryl Tabberner


Kerys Knight


Beryl Tabberner


Compound  Pam Joseph
Recurve  Triv McCarlie
Rec. Barebow  Heather Major
Junior Gents  

Callum Howes

 Callum Howes George Bond 
J. Gent Compound  
J. Gent Flatbow  
J. Gent Recurve  
J. Gent Rec. Barebow  
Junior Ladies  

Hazel Dalley

Hazel Dalley  Rimini Reed
J. Lady Recurve  Hazel Dalley
J. Lady Rec. Barebow  
 Challenge Shield
  Alan and Margaret Childs    
 Novice Award  Kelly Pearce  Trevis Thomolari    
Novice Award Triv McCarlie  Tony Chung    
 Novice Award  Bailey Bridgewater      
Novice Award  Hazel Dalley      

Chair’s Trophy

  • 2012 – Susan Corless for Archery Achievement
  • 2013 – Ian Pateman for contribution as Equipment Officer
  • 2014 – David and Heather Major for research into NAC history
  • 2015 – Mick Lovell for the invaluable support he provides Northampton Archery Club
  • 2016 – Neville de Sousa for invaluable work as treasurer in re-organizing the club’s  financial systems and account presentation.
  • 2017 – David Quemby for continued support to the club and help given to the membership.



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