Portsmouth Badge Awards

Portsmouth Badges

Now that we are back indoors I’d like to remind everybody about the Portsmouth badge award scheme. Portsmouth round being the predominant target archery shoot during the indoor season. Shot on a 60cm face with 10 zone scoring.60 arrows with two  ends of sighters ,arrows shot in threes.

The badges start at 300 and rise in increments of 25 up to the max.score possible of 600. An application form is to be found on the website,simply follow the drop down menu from”Records & Awards”,click on “awards”,and a link is provided within the text.

Obviously scores need to be provable, our internal and open competitions around the county give opportunity to improve your personal badge status,however you may also use a normal practise day as long as you have a signed witness to your scores and have informed the line captain of your intentions.

The cost of the badges are a humble £2, and you are welcome to exchange your existing badge if you wish.

Tight groups !!!  & happy shooting..

Ian Hyde(records officer)