Replacement Gazebo

Many of you will remember that at the Hollowell Steam Rally last year we were hit by a freak storm which damaged our Gazebo beyond repair resulting in the weekend being totally lost. As such we were then relying of the generosity of members who lent us equipment so that we could fulfill our commitments for the rest of the outdoor season in particular the Have A Go sessions which result in a lot of interest and new members.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a replacement gazebo which is 8 x 3 mts, which can also be reduced in size to a 4 x 3 for smaller events. As such the gazebo could be used for other functions and parties which could earn us a small income at other times of the year.

Today 3 members arrived at Sywell for a test “erection” so we could familiarise ourselves with the set up procedure in readiness for this years Hollowell Steam Rally. When the time comes we shall of course contact members as we need volunteers for the Hollowell weekends activities. In the meantime I would like to thank Roger Johnson and Steve Gibson for there assistance today.