It’s arrived at last!

DSC_0331Anyone who has used the Sywell shooting range over the last season and this one understands how difficult it has been to access and store all the equipment we require for general shooting. The previous committee were well aware of the need to find additional storage and plans have been in place for a long time to place another container alongside the old one. The summer last year being so wet and the autumm was no better followed by a long cold winter had severely hampered all attempts to site the planned new container. The groundwork was completed during the late Autumn months in preparation but with the ground being so soft delivery was impossible. Fortunately over the last month or so the ground has dried out sufficiently to enable a “H’ G’ Vehicle” to deliver the new container and this Saturday several of us were on site “early” to witness the delivery of the container.

With the additional storage space we plan to store bosses and stands and general shooting equipment in one container and then we can store all the necessary equipment required for “Have a Goes” “B,B Q’s” and Special Events equipment in the second container. Special thanks go out to Dave Quemby who was charged with sourcing the container and to IanP (me) for organizing the groundwork and of course to all who assisted today. This is yet another chapter in our history which should allow us to grow even more.