An astounding month for new club records and awards

Our February Records Update has now been completed, and we have to say it has been an outstanding month for new club records with no less than 21 new or improved records, by the now usual suspects – David Quemby, Susan Corless and Paul Hyde.

For Paul there are new records for the Portsmouth Triple and Quad, the FITA 18 and FITA 18 Triple and the FITA 25 Triple.

For Susan there are seven new records for the Worcester, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Double, FITA 18, FITA 18 Double, FITA 25 and FITA combined rounds. The combined FITA score of 991 also set a new  county record, beating the previous record of 976.

David Quemby has set no less than 9 new records for the Bray 1, Bray 1 Double, FITA 18, FITA 18 Double, Triple and Quadruple, FITA 25, Vegas and Worcester rounds.

David Quemby and David Taylor have now (at last) also been presented with there 1st Class Badges from the outdoor performances from 2011. The classification scheme is something the whole club can partake in once we move outdoors again.. The scheme is briefly explained on our site by clicking here.

Amazing stuff from our club and well done to you all.