WOAC, Jim McKeown Memorial Shoot, 2012.

Woac hosted the Jim Mckeown memorial Shoot over the weekend of 11th & 12th February in which several members of the NAC attended.

Both Paul Hyde and David Quemby took part over the two day event and others took part on the Sunday only. Missing the Saturday was a treat for me as the schools heating system had failed and the temperature was well below freezing (and very cold indoors too). Sunday was almost tropical in comparison as temperatures rose above freezing but several layers of clothing was still the order of the day.The shoot was a FITA 18 and WOAC use an electronic audible system, (saves blowing a whistle), the other feature of the electronics was that it was “timed”, so after the first audible warning you get so many seconds to approach the line and place an arrow on the rest, shooting then commenced after the second audible warning when a countdown system took over allowing 40 seconds (average)  per arrow. If a shot is made after the zero audible warning then a penalty is imposed, so too if you run out of time you shouldn’t release an arrow after the zero has sounded.

The NAC team consisting of Susan Corless, David Quemby,Mick Lovell and Paul Hyde managed a very respectful 2nd place in the team categoryand yes youv’e guessed it Susan achieved another personal best with some impressive shooting and so another club record will be claimed. The most fantastic news of all is that Dave Quemby and Paul Hyde took first and second place in the Quadruple round which one would assume will also set new records for the NAC.

Individual scores can be seen on the WOAC website.

Well done to all who took part once again showing that the NAC is back where it should be.