A damp but successful beginners course

Saturday 2nd October was the final session of our most recent beginners course. The day was a very damp one, but this didn’t dampen the spirits! These photos tell a great story, and we are very lucky to have a shelter to shoot from under.

There are many moving parts that go into making a beginners course happen – from enrolling the beginners on to a course once dates have been set & agreed, collecting the money, arranging coaches and supporting archers. But that’s not all! There is also the equipment preparation before hand to ensure the bows are ready for use, setting up and packing away the targets and ensuring the supplies of tea & coffee are flowing (especially on a cold and wet day!). Finally and no means least each and every one of our members at Sywell making our beginners feel welcome to NAC!

Thank you & we hope to see them joining the club soon!