Outdoor Season Events for the N.A.C.

To all members,

Recently you should have received an e-mail explaining that Dave Quemby has passed the baton to David Major, Paul Hyde and Neville de Sousa.

These three members volunteered to look after our shooting events with the full  blessing of the present committee.

They report to the committee as and when there is a need, but they are trusted to take the pressure away from committee members and to work along with the Sywell committee directly when organizing outdoor events at our Sywell venue.

They have already informed the membership of the date for the Pope Young competition and for those who wish to shoot there normal distances they are perfectly entitled to do so.

Anyone wishing to take part in the Pope Young Competition just has to let it be known on the day to the organizers. Believe me this is an even that is fun and anyone can take part.The Pope Young will be placed on our calender page along with other events as and when they are confirmed. So please check regularly for any additions, (you will be notified by e-mail as well)

Please give your support to our three volunteers who will do everything they can to give us an eventful outdoor season. These three require our support and not criticism, just like any responsible position they too have to go through a learning curve plus they may wish to put a “twist” to some of our events.

We as a committee take this opportunity to thank Dave Quemby for all the time and effort he has put into making our events so enjoyable. Dave (as some may not know) holds many titles within the club competitions, just look at the website to see just how good he is. He is passing over the responsibility of arranging our events so that he can once again give full concentration to his shooting as I’m sure he will continue to proudly represent the NAC at future competitions around the county.  I’m sure I can speak for all of our members, thank you Dave for what you have done, and what you may achieve in the future for yourself and the NAC.

Many thanks

IanP for NAC Committee.