Safety Awareness Bulletin, The Use Of Full Carbon Arrows At the N.A.C.

To All NAC members and other club users of NAC facilities. Please read the latest information below regarding the use of full carbon arrows. We have left the original text for comparison in coloured font.

As stated below within the original posting there was a restriction on the use of full carbon arrows at the NAC. This restriction was put in place over a safety concern and at the time the committee felt they acted with the knowledge and in the best interest of the membership. However as this was brought to our attention we underwent a review of this ruling.    The committee have since taken advice from Archery GB and other sources and we have been assured that because of the latest manufacturing processes of carbon arrows the risk has been reduced considerably and as such we can authorize the use of a full carbon arrow at our facilities with immediate effect. 

Dated  23rd Feb 2014,    regards IanP

[URGENT Safety Awareness message; To all members of the NAC and members of other clubs using the NAC facilities;

At a committee meeting dated the 14th November 2012 there was a debate regarding the use of full carbon arrows and possible injuries. As a result the committee elected to ban their use at ALL NAC venues.

Although these minutes are published on our Members page it has come to our attention that FULL Carbon Arrows are being used at our venues and we have therefore decided to put out this memo and to ask any archer using this type of arrow to cease forthwith.

Recently we had put together a set of Shooting rules covering our venues  and we are embarrassed to say that we failed to highlight this issue at the time of publication. We shall therefore “Update” our “Rules” as soon as we are able.

We apologies for any inconvenience and hope that all members understand that safety is paramount].

Regards, IanP