Last of this seasons “Have A Go” event at Weedon Bec.

                     On a bright fine Saturday morning volunteers from the NAC journeyed to Weedon Bec where they had been invited to attend the village fete to put on one of our have a go sessions. Sun cream was the order of the day which made a pleasant change from some of the awful weather we have experience throughout this outdoor season.
An Olympic torch bearer was invited to open the fete at precisely 1.00pm and he later joined our members for a photo shoot opportunity along with two of his helpers, All three of them actually participated in shooting where more photos were taken for their website and also ours.
Our coaches on the day were kept busy for four hours and not only did they give members of the public an enjoyable experience they also dressed up in costume to make their experience feel almost medieval and authentic..
Our president Paul Barret was on hand to take over the microphone from the master of ceremonies to enthrall the public with his historic knowledge of the history of bows through the ages and different types of bows from the early English longbow up to our modern Olympic type recurve bows explaining the purpose and use of stabilizers weights and sights. And just to show he is unbiased he also talked in depth about the modern compound bows.
Short demonstrations from each bow type were arranged which looked quite impressive when the baby powder filled balloons burst with a bang and producing a cloud of white talc.
Photos of this event can be viewed within our members using our normal password for the next week or two after which they may be placed into our gallery page.. .  

This happens to be our last Have a Go of this season and it goes without saying that the NAC committee could not have put on these events without the help and dedication from our membership. We thank all members (and non members) who gave their time and help to support the club throughout this outdoor season and all being well we look forward to doing it all again next year.