David and Heather’s Holiday and the Olympian Games

Not only did David and Heather enjoy this year’s holiday in the lovely area of Shropshire, but they also competed in the famous Wenlock Olympian Games Archery Tournament. These Games, the inspiration behind today’s modern day Olympics, were started 160 years ago by William Penny Brookes and his motto was “I want every grade of man to take part in my Olympian Games”.  But ladies only had one race – “the old ladies race“, which they raced for one pound of tea. Did Heather get a 1lb of tea? Of course not – she is not old! (Phew – think I got out of that one.)

The BBC TV programme, Country File, this week featured Much Wenlock; and explained more about the Games, focusing on Archery. The show indulged in some name dropping that I would be proud to drop into conversations on the world of toxophily.  Alison Williamson comes from Shropshire, and is the only person to have won medals at both the Wenlock Games and the Olympics. She won a bronze at the 2004 Athens Games, and also represents GB at the London Games. We wish her and the team all the best. Alice Cotton and Amanda Slack who shot (and won) at Wenlock this year, also appeared on the show. If you would like to catch up with this week’s Country File click here.  You have only a few days left to watch.

Heather and David may not have won any medals, but I am quite sure we are all proud of them for entering the Olympian Games this year.


An unruly archer receives admonishment from a familiar judge

 Footnotes – Wenlock and Mandeville  London 2012  Archery mascot pin badges are still available from John Lewis (online) and other reputable outlets.

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