A Round-up of Summer

The outdoor season is over, and we have now moved indoors for winter. What started off as a wet and miserable summer in 2012, ended with considerable achievements for NAC. We won’t mention names, because so many have done so much for the club. There has been a steady improvement in archery standards and we have seen an increasing number of active members. Numerous new records have been set and 18 classification awards presented, including several to our Junior Section. Two NAC members have shot for the County, whilst those at the helm and others have sacrificed considerable shooting time to take NAC forwards and improve facilities and equipment. Despite abandoned have-a-go sessions early on in the season, things went well in the end and we have introduced many to the sport, with a large beginners course being held last month. Our social side flourishes and we can safely say NAC is looking very healthy. Thanks to all our supporters.