NAC History Overview

Since around the beginning of 2013, we have been trying to put together pieces of a jigsaw that would tell us of NAC’s history and in particular those early days. As soon as one piece dropped into place, however, the jigsaw seemed to magically grow creating more spaces to fill. Thoughts have gone through our heads about the sequence of events that brought a jeweller, craftsmen, photographers, shop owners and every day folk together in their common interest of archery. We have been sitting and chatting with former and existing archers or their next of kin. These chats have been digitally recorded so we can put together a narrative explaining those few years after the end of World War II, when there was still rationing and kit would have been in short supply. Progress will then be made on later years.

Our chats to date have digressed, and we have spent many hours talking about other hobbies, interests and skills. We now wonder if there is a common factor that makes up an archer, when we find our people  have or had such passion for precision and art in it’s many guises, demonstrating very fine motor skills. Recordings we make are listened to and anecdotes and relevant facts are being abstracted to make what we hope will prove to be a relevant and interesting picture of what we are about.

These history pages of our web-site will be developed over the ensuing months and probably years, but we will try to avoid sticking to clinical information on facts and dates, but rather concentrating on the people that make archery such a fascinating sport.