History Contributions

Northampton Archery Club was formed in 1948-49 by Sid Cato and Peter Isaac. Peter and Sid are sadly no longer with us, but Florence (Sid’s widow) and Barbara (Peter’s widow) tell us a little bit about the formation of NAC.



About Sid Cato as told by Florence







Barbara Isaac
Barbara Isaac




Peter Isaac’s widow, Barbara, tells us a little about the couple and NAC here.



Michael and Pam Bull
Michael and Pam Bull


Michael Bull joined NAC in about 1949, and shortly afterwards a young lady, Pam Swindall joined. Clearly they fell in love, and in 1953 they married. This is their story.


Pete and Sheila Bond033_modified
Peter and Sheila Bond



Peter Bond joined NAC in 1953. He is a life member and active coach with our club. This is his Story.




Glenn Taylor



Glenn Taylor joined NAC in 1978. This is his story.