The Boxing Day Shoot at Sywell, 2015

With Christmas being so hectic these days some of the NAC members escaped the festivities at home and spent a few hours at Sywell taking part in our annual Boxing day shoot at Sywell.

Numbers were down on last year but considering everything at this time of year we were grateful to those who came out to take part in the fun and games.

This years overall winner was Tony Chung who overcame our regular bare bow experts. This event is special as novice and expert alike have the same chance of winning, and it’s so much fun.

So a big thank you to all who took part and we look forward too much of the same next year!


Hollowell Steam Rally Have a Go, 2015


This years Hollowell Steam Rally which took place over the first weekend in July went really well and the picture above shows some, but not all of the volunteers who helped in some way over the 3 day festival. Not all volunteers were NAC members, some were family and friends so we thank them all for whatever input they had.

So it’s a big thank you to those who met over at Sywell to load up and take all of our equipment to Hollowell on the Friday morning.

At least 3 families took the option to stay over the whole of the weekend in caravans so I dread to think what they all got up to once the public disappeared.

On the Saturday the weather was fantastic and we did a lot of business. Sunday started really nice but later in the day we had some rain which soaked everything just in time for us to pack up everything!!

Overall the taking were good and will be shown within our accounts and it’s opportunities like this that help us provide the equipment we desperately need for a growing club such as ours.

I will place a few picture within our gallery section of our website but not to many this year as most years tend to look the same anyway.


Junior triumphs.

Harley DSCF0023

Well here he is again, our young Harley, this time sensibly dressed and collecting a trophy after a county shoot. Several of our juniors are doing extremely well in competitions and there are more of them who hold records of some type. If you have any photo’s similar to this one I will be very happy the place it on our webpages for the rest of us to see.

On the left is the new county chairman, Glen Taylor who is also a coach, and of course Tim Bull who is also a coach and has just completed the county coaching course where 7 of our junior member attended and the reports were they did extremely well and the course was a great success. So a big thank you to Tim and his team.

When I asked for permission to show this picture on our website both Glen and Tim tried to bride me by as they wanted me to Photoshop  in some good six packs. Sorry fellas, thanks for the cash but you can’t buy a miracle!!

The NAC’s Silly Boys



Those who took part in the end of season shoot at JAshby, may have spotted this endangered species.

This is how to enter the spirit of things and give everyone a good laugh in the process.

Well done both of you and thanks for brightening up the day for us all.Not a bad archer either!!

Indoor Open Competition at JAshby.

DSC_0002Sunday the 22nd March 2015 was the date of our Indoor Open Archery Competition held at John Ashby in Moulton College.

The competition was well attended by other clubs but because the County Coaches were running Junior Coaching sessions on the same day it meant that our Juniors were denied the opportunity to attend this year.

Pictures of this event can be found and viewed within our “members” pages of the website and is password  protected I will send out the link as soon as I can.

The day went off without any issues which is testament to the planing and execution from out Events Team whom we all know, David Major, Paul Hyde and Neville de Sousa. Of course there were also many helper especially those who turned up late on Saturday afternoon to ensure that the court was set out and looking professional and of course those who attended on the day in the many roles to ensure the day ran smoothly. Let us not forget our own David Stephens who although was suffering a chest infection was still able to Judge the event with a little help from our Susan Corless.

Finally a big thank you to our hosts from Moulton College.


A member of the NAC to Represent GB!

A member of the NAC; Susan Corless will be travelling to Slovenia in a day or two to to represent Great Britain.Just how many local clubs can boast something like that!!

Not all members will know Susan Corless especially as we have had so many “new starts”over the recent months. Nevertheless Susan started her archery career with the NAC around 3 years ago when she attended a beginners course at our Sywell venue.

Susan showed promise very soon after she held a recurve bow and before too long was soon hitting high numbers at club sessions and breaking club records and taking gold medals within our NAC competitions and doing the same when attending other clubs in the area.

Before long records were being broken regularly and her enthusiasm and training routine was such that would put many to shame. All of this was being achieved even though Susan had in her early years suffered a serious injury to her back for which she has suffered pain constantly ever since. It was because of the injury that Susan found it difficult to pull higher poundage bows to compete at greater distances in outdoor events.

Eventually Susan put down her recurve bow and only recently picked up a Compound Bow, yes she had gone to the dark side!!…………….Being a perfectionist she was coached very quickly to a point where she once again was breaking club records and eventually county records.

Recently,only a few weeks ago, it has been confirmed that she has been chosen to represent Great Britain when they shoot in the European Indoor Archery Championships in Slovenia. The event begins on 24th February with the finals on 28th February. The event website is here (link may not work so you will need to copy and paste into your browser)
There are 6 archers from GB in the team and this will be her first international event of her short archery career to date.
Susan is very competitive and is very serious about her archery. She trains regularly along with some of our other good archers and she deserved this opportunity as she has worked hard for it. I hope you can join me in wishing Susan all the luck in the world and hope she comes back with a good story to tell us all. Susan, all the best. IanP NAC Secretary.