County Championships 2021 Results

Sunday 26th September saw the return of the annual Northamptonshire County Championships, hosted by Wellingborough. 

Usually York, Hereford and Bristol rounds are shot to decide the County Champions, however this year due to the fact that many archers haven’t been shooting again for that long it was decided that WA720 rounds would be shot which are a shorter 6 dozen arrows at a single distance.

From Northampton Archery Club we saw Mick Lovell and Ioannis Chrisinas enter to battle for the title. 

Mick shooting barebow took on 4 others in his category and was crowned County Champion after a clear win of 18 points.

Ioannis shooting recurve took on 10 other archers and finished a respectable 4th in his category.

The full results can be found here.

Congratulations to both archers and thank you for representing NAC!