County Inter-County Match Goes Postal

The Northamptonshire County Team normally competes in a number of matches against other counties across the calendar year. During 2020, it has not been possible to host these because of Covid-19, however there was a natural williness to find a solution to this. Our County Captain Martin Ross discussed this with the Bedfordshire County Captain and from this was born the Northants vs. Beds Covid Postal Match.

Much as the title suggests this is not a normal match where a team of archers would be selected from Northamptonshire clubs to meet on a given date & time, at a pre arranged location and a round would be shot – at the end of that day, the winner would be the county with the highest score. Instead, Northamptonshire have opened this up to every archer from the county clubs, where they can shoot the selected round at their club and submit their scores.

The winning team is then selected from the top scores – a fantastic oppourtunity to get involved with the County Team. You have until 2nd November to shoot & submit your score.

Read more on the county website here.