Junior triumphs.

Harley DSCF0023

Well here he is again, our young Harley, this time sensibly dressed and collecting a trophy after a county shoot. Several of our juniors are doing extremely well in competitions and there are more of them who hold records of some type. If you have any photo’s similar to this one I will be very happy the place it on our webpages for the rest of us to see.

On the left is the new county chairman, Glen Taylor who is also a coach, and of course Tim Bull who is also a coach and has just completed the county coaching course where 7 of our junior member attended and the reports were they did extremely well and the course was a great success. So a big thank you to Tim and his team.

When I asked for permission to show this picture on our website both Glen and Tim tried to bride me by as they wanted me to Photoshop  in some good six packs. Sorry fellas, thanks for the cash but you can’t buy a miracle!!