Halloween Ping Tatty Boggle at Sywell, 2013

DSC_0012                   On Saturday evening of the 26th October we held our annual Halloween Ping Tatty Boggle at our Sywell base. This year we started a little earlier to get things set up and organized properly in readiness to start as it became dark.
Those of you who attended could see the amount of decorative work involved in making the old meeting hut “look the part”. There was also an awful lot of behind the scenes work involved in the preparation for the food where bread soup and sausages were supplied by the club for all the archers and family members who attended to support the event. Tea, Coffee, Chocolate and Pop were also available at our usual tuck shop which is run by Mick Lovell, all of which leads me to say a big thank you to all the members who gave up there shooting time during Saturday morning to ensure everything was in place for the evening event and of course we should not forget those who stayed late to make sure everything was taken down and put away in the containers.
Dave Quemby was are resident master of ceremonies for the evening shoot and of course our Chair lady Pam was also involved with the awards after the event so a big thank you to Dave and Pam.
With the approaching storm forecast we were lucky with the weather as it stayed dry whilst shooting and temperatures were not as cold as previous Halloween events. The winners of the event are shown on our picture gallery on the members webpage………..many thanks to our members who made this such a memorable occasion.