Pictures of the N.A.C. Club Shoot taken 21st September 2013 at Sywell.

This is a message for NAC members; As Simon is unable to send out a link to this photo gallery I am just posting this simple post to let you know how you can view the pictures.

If you go into the website, click on MEMBERS and select the gallery as written on the title. A password box will appear where you put in our usual regular password.

This is to protect members that do not wish their image to be put on the (public)  website. If anyone would rather have their image deleted then just contact me on same applies if you need the password (or ask any committee member) or a copy of the original picture. Several pictures have captured the arrow in flight but some do take a little looking to find it.

As soon as Simon is able to send out an e-mail with a link I shall leave the gallery for 14 days or so before transffering the gallery into “Public” viewing under Galleries..




Ian P. …… NAC E’ O’.