Records Update

Several new records have been set since our last update and can be viewed on our Records Page. In the Club’s Portsmouth Series on 8th December new records were set by Vaughan Tucker (Gents Trad. recurve) with a score of 327, Tina King (Ladies Barebow) with 329, and Deaglan Rooney (Junior Gents u 14 Flatbow) with 209. Elsewhere – Christine Gibson has snatched the Ladies’ Portsmouth recurve records in the single,  double and triple rounds, grabbing a triple county record of 1589 in the process. Christine is also our first lady to achieve a 550 Portsmouth badge, with a  score of 558 on 13th December at John Ashby. Paul Hyde has also set records for the Bray II single and double rounds with 259 and 519. Well done to you all.