Kettering Archers “Flight Shoot” Sunday 18th December 2011.

    On Sunday 18th December the Kettering Archers held their annual “Flight Shoot ” at Kettering on what could only be described as a bitterly cold day. Several members of the NAC attended to take part and have a little fun, namely, Sarah S, Pam,Bez,Susan,Dan,Dave Q,Paul and Steve. The shoot had several different categories ie, Flatbow/Longbow, Recurve etc. There was also different categories depending on the weight of bows. Thinking they were only taking part for a bit of fun and not actually competing against each other, they were surprised to have ended the day with all but one of them being presented with medals. So congratulations must go to all who took part on the day for making themselves available  to once again represent the NAC.Well done.