Halloween PingTattyBoggle 2011.

Following a rather windy shoot The Little Devil wins the clubs annual halloween shoot (shot as a ping tatty bogle at 30-50 yrds).

8 archers actually managed to score. The top 3 were Ian P (11), Leigh M (15) but way out in front was Robyn with 28 points.

Congratulations also to Lizzie, Jay and Brendan for caving the best pumpkins. Our guest judge, John had a very tricky time deciding the top 3 from an excellent amount of entries this year.

Thanks to all those who joined into the spirit of the event. Some great costumes from young and old alike. Ian will be posting the pictures as soon as we get the gallery widget fixed.

Our next outdoor shoot will be the annual boxing day turkey and Christmas pudding shoot which as last year will also be a ping tatty bogle.